Friday, April 18, 2008

Words of a Founding Father

"Legendary games aren't created, they are merely discovered. They exist now, and have always existed in the great Realm of the Spirits. Once in every generation or two a group of individuals are blessed with a look into this most mysterious of realms. Instinctively rules and regulations form in their heads. Without knowing why or how they begin to engineer something so magnificent, that surely it couldn't be of this imperfect and infalable world. Such is the case with Marco Polo. As a Founding Father I deny all praise and accolades that come from the creations of such a magnificent athletic competition. I am but a humble discoverer, who in all of my humility stumbled upon something much greater and better than myself."-Toren Forsberg

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Welcome all to the new official blog of Marco Polo.  What was once a childhood game is now considered the greatest pool game ever.  It specific rules and competitive nature have helped this game spread as wild fire! Enjoy this website as it grows, develops, and becomes the center for all Marco Polo activity across the nation.